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Join mind-body expert Ilchi Lee through a guided meditation video to receive Z-wave Healing. This guided meditation is set in Sedona, AZ, a spiritual place that is world-famous for its vortex energy. 

Ilchi Lee will take you through a meditation at five of Sedona’s most famous vortex points. Each location carries its own objective to open and prepare the mind, receive z-waves, and to connect with nature. This guided meditation will help you bring positive, healing energy to where you want to focus on in your body. It’s a powerful experience you don’t want to miss. 

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What are Z-Waves?

Everything in the world is made of energy. Ilchi Lee called this energy that makes up everything around us: LifeParticles. This is a term he created to signify the most basic, elementary particle on Earth that comes together to create life. At our core, you and I are made of LifeParticles, and we are connected as one through LifeParticles. LifeParticles are constantly vibrating as countless circuits, patterns, and waves. Special LifeParticles that move in a Z circuit are what we refer to as Z-waves.

Z-waves purify negative energy. They are strong waves that increase the amount of vibrations in one’s body and help return the body and mind back to normal from being broken and imbalanced. Negative thoughts and emotions can be broken up and released through Z-waves to calm your mind.

It’s very easy to do Z-Wave healing meditation. The universe is full of Z-waves around you, and at the same time, Z-waves also exist inside of your body too. So all you have to do is download them inside of your body. Open your heart, receive Z-waves from the universe, and let your body resonate with those Z-waves to create healing within. 

There are two important phenomena that happen when you’re doing Z-wave healing meditation. First is that your whole body temperature will go up to increase your immunity to combat sick cells. Second, your body’s internal energy will activate to create natural vibration. As body temperature and vibration go up together, you will experience powerful purification and recharge of energy in a short time.

What is a Vortex?

A vortex is where electromagnetic energy from the Earth’s core rises to the surface, which is believed to repair and heal one’s energy field. These vortex points are very rare, and Sedona is an extraordinary place that has the most vortex points in one location. Have you heard of auras? They are made of electromagnetic energy and can get damaged or shrunken when one is stressed, physically ill, or around negative people. Natural electromagnetic energy heals one’s broken energy field, and a vortex is the perfect place to recharge your body with electromagnetic energy.

Vortex Points Included in the Video:
Airport Mesa
Chapel of the
Holy Cross
Cathedral Rock
Bell Rock
Mago Castle
About Ilchi Lee

Ilchi Lee is an energy master who has helped thousands of people worldwide connect to and discover powerful self-value within. He is a New York Times bestselling author who has penned over 40 books on self-care through energy practice and Taoist enlightenment. Since 1980, he's shared his research on how to attain health, happiness, and peace through mind-body training. Lee is the creator of Brain Education, an academic study which focuses on the five steps toward realizing the full human potential of the brain and using it to establish health of body, mind, and spirit. He currently works with the United Nations to promote mental health and energy healing for the youth.
Summary of contents:

• Receive guided meditation directly from energy master, Ilchi Lee
• Clear negative energies (thoughts, emotions) through five of Sedona's most powerful vortex points
• Learn about z-waves and what they can do for you
• Connect with z-waves to heal your body, mind, and spirit
• Get unlimited viewing access to the guided meditation video

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